Selfmathematiks is an independent clothing company, founded, owned and operated by artist/entrepreneur Ricardo Murillo. It is over all that intellectually stylish, fuck the system, love our people type gear. The style and design of the line reflects strong ties to hip-hop culture, and progressive politics. 

 Founded in 2006, Selfmathematiks is the product of a over a decade of creating art on clothing. Murillo began creating custom shirts with markers in high school before going to college for a short period of time for graphic design, dropping out after only one semester. He began screen printing experimental designs on clothing while in college, launching a few short lived lines before the birth of Selfmathematiks.

 Selfmathematiks is dedicated to spreading a positive, politically conscious message through creative designs and thought-provoking concepts. There is a message and meaning behind every T-shirt we put out. Our T-shirts are like books, you must read and study our designs in order to catch the full mind stimulating, and subliminal visuals and messages that we offer. Our mission is to awaken and educate the masses through our imagery and by encouraging and promoting knowledge of self, Self History and knowledge of one's surroundings. The word Selfmathematiks means Knowledge of Self. 

 Murillo's work ethic and networking skills earned him features in several magazines, televised appearances, and fashion shows which created momentum for the line in it's critical early stages. With a growing buzz on the streets, the internet, here and abroad, Selfmathematiks is taking steps to bring it's trademark flavor to a wider audience than ever before. Consciousness is the number one prerequisite, with no emphasis on any philosophy, political organization or spiritual belief in particular.